Mined Test 0.1.1 Update


  • Equipment placement square now displays outer limit
  • Construction drone emits particles when building now
  • Service drone emits burst of particles when repairing
  • SHIFT now works for placing multiple pieces of equipment


  • Digging coolant requirements per tile reduced by 66%
  • Pump coolant production increased from 160 to 460
  • Generator power production increased from 80 to 280
  • Mining drone digging speed reduced from 4 seconds to 2
  • Camera Zoom maximum increased from 2x to 3x
  • Camera is now more stable and has smoother operation
  • Base Core coolant and power production increased to 400 each
  • Base Core and Matter Reactor Material to Capital conversion increased from 16% to 33%
  • Production and usage colors updated to reflect actual effect better
  • Reduce mineral vein size by 30%
  • Automatically purchases 1 of each drone when you start the game in sandbox mode


  • Equipment was working before construction was complete


Mined_0_1_1-HTML5.zip Play in browser
Aug 15, 2020

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Started it and iafter starting sandbox, it flickers like crazy. When I change the window (fullscreen or anything else), it stops flickering for half a second or so and then gets dark. Music keeps playing


can you tell me what OS, Browser and video card you have?

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Win 10, Firefox,  AMD Ryzen with Radeon Vega 8 mobile, GTX 1650 (for laptop).


Thanks, I will look into this.